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Offering Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services Ages 2 months to 10 years old 

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Child Directed and Family Centered Approach 

Children learn and develop through sensory rich experiences of play and movement. Beacon Pediatric Therapy specializes in a whole child approach to promoting the development of skills needed for a child to participate in their daily "occupations." Therapy sessions provide individualized treatment including sensory integration, feeding therapy, visual development, co-regulation strategies, and motor coordination activities of the hands, eyes and body so your child can acquire the skills to grow and learn. Beacon Pediatric Therapy believes that child directed therapy and family participation creates the greatest impact on a child's ability to develop skills for life. 

Children who could benefit from Beacon Pediatric Therapy Services may display difficulties with the following:

  • Achieving infant and toddler motor milestones

  • Picky Eating/Difficulty with toddler food transitions/Problem Feeders

  • Fine Motor and Grasp Development

  • Tolerating tummy time  

  • Visual motor or perceptual skills

  • Strength/Postural control

  • Motor planning/coordination/Balance

  • Self-care skills

  • Sensory processing

  • Social emotional regulation

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